About Us | Protech Engineering & Services

Company Profile

Protech Engineering And Services was established 1985 in Singapore with the aim to provide personalized services to clients, addressing their needs for customized security systems and home automations. Today, various corporate entities and individuals are under our wing of service, and we are constantly heightening the level of personalized services.

With the wide range of clientele that we serve, along with their varying needs, we have enriched our technical capabilities and we are more than capable of attending to a wide variety of technical matters.

We specializes inĀ  the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of integrated security systems, such as surveillance cameras, door access, intruder alarms, intercoms as well as home automation systems inclusive of auto gates, air conditioning, intercoms, keyphones, networking, ventilation & pond filtration systems.

Our technical personnel are highly trained in the aspects of equipment installation and troubleshooting. They are trained to
effectively diagnose equipment fault and making correct on-site judgment to provide an accurate assessment.

Into the future:

With the new and upcoming economy, we are moving in the foot steps of digital system integrations and interweaving network solutions for security and automating systems. Mobile communication and the high speed internet technology have enabled us to extend out horizon into wireless and remote accessing of high tech equipments.

With the fast moving technology, we are moving forward into integrating with more home automation systems to provide simplex solutions to our clients for their ease and convenience.