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Door Closer Products

DORMA Singapore is the regional headquarters for DORMA’s operations in the Far East Region, which includes all the ASEAN coountries, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

DORMA has 2 manufacturing operations in Singapore – a huge door closer plant, which is the biggest of its kind in the world, and a small assembly operation for Automatic Sliding-door Operators and Glass Sliding Walls.  DORMA also has a huge Die-casting plant, and a Movable Wall Plant in Malaysia.

The full range of DORMA’s products and services are offered throughout the Far East Region through DORMA’s own team of qualified sales, technical, and service professionals, dedicated distributors/dealers, and other business partners.

At DORMA, the philosophy has always been, “No matter how exceptional the architecture is, you can always be sure that DORMA has the perfect solution for all your door control and other complementary product needs”.
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