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Autogate Swing Gate CARDIN

The automation is made up of a series of components consisting of an installation management programming unit, 1 or 2 worm screw rams and a special connecting cable. The ram, built around a robust structure in cast aluminium, features an efficient motor that works in complete synergy with a high performance reduction unit that is isolated inside a waterproof compartment and is lubricated using permanently fluid grease. The special, well thought out, three piece carter, the rotating screw supported by double bearings and the special drag screw make it a top of the range ram with a unique performance level. It moves silently and fluently and is controlled (via an encoder integrated into the motor) by the programmer supplied with the product. These horizontal action rams are extremely easy to fit without need for brickwork and they offer excellent service in terms of the number of manoeuvres.

Use with the following Cardin programmers CC242ETOPCB, CC242EXTOPCB.
Gate position is encoder-controlled and self-programming thus reducing installation times to a minimum and optimising the programming procedure. Repositioning takes place automatically whenever foreign objects get in the way of the gate as it is moving. The electronic control unit is completed by the anti-crush and “soft start” and “soft stop” functions.
In case of blackouts, emergency manoeuvring is guaranteed by a key-operated manual release mechanism that is efficient under all working conditions. The ram can be fitted with an external lever-operated locking and unlocking system using a remote cord.

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