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Autogate Swing Gate SIGNAL

From its humble beginnings in 1982, NEW ELECTRONIC GATE (M) SDN BHD has progressed by leaps and bounds, showing a remarkable and consistent growth in every aspect. Mr Wong Kim is the Managing Director of the Company and the main driving force behind its success. His vision and foresight that one day all gates in Malaysia will be automated has lead to innovative approaches in design, component production and manufacturing. Coupled with his high standards of quality, reliability and service in every aspect of the Company’s operation, Mr Wong has carved a special niche in the automatic gate industry.

The Company started operations in a rented shop lot in Taman Mutiara selling and installing locally manufactured and imported automatic gates. It moved to a 58,000 sq. ft, RM5 million building cum factory in Cheras Jaya in 1989. High precision computerised machinery costing RM1 million were imported from Japan to boost production and improve quality. Even so, this was insufficient as the Company expanded tremendously in the last few years. Today, the Company occupies a 2-acre site in Balakong, Selangor. A total of RM10 million was invested to upgrade the production department with 4 latest-model computerised production machinery which has an output that is more than 10 times the old machinery.

Early in the Company’s history, Mr Wong Kim noticed that existing models of automatic gates were far from satisfactory. They were slow, prone to malfunction and expensive. Mr Wong Kim experimented with various designs and soon came out with am improved drive mechanism with a mechanical design that was very reliable and safe.

Initially, the drive mechanisms were fabricated in Japan and imported to Malaysia. With the Yen rising over the years, the Company took the innovative step of assembling the drive mechanism locally. As the product gained wider acceptance and sales continued to increase, the Company decided to manufacture the components itself. This lead to increased productivity and lower costs, and today, the Company is the undisputed leader in the automatic gate industry. The Company marketed its automatic gate systems under the brand name “Signal” . In 1987, patents were granted for the product in Malaysia, Great Britain and Japan. This is an achievement for the Company as it proves that Malaysia products can be accepted in industrialised nations as well.

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