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Entrypass Corporation Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Application Solutions Designer Sdn Bhd) is founded in year 2002 as part of Securityhub Corporation Berhad which has it primary focus in distributing and development of in-house physical access control hardwares, softwares and solutions.

The group is specializing in physical security business and growth in leaps and bounds over the past two decades. In order to serve the customer better, the group has expanded its business operations in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Entrypass Focus
Entrypass Corporation is a research and development company based in Malaysia and has been awarded MSC status Companies since 2003 by Malaysia government initiatives to enhance product development using multimedia technologies. Since its inception in year 2002, the company envision to be a global physical security player focusing in providing high value proposition and best price-performance ratio products and solutions to the physical access control market.

Entrypass integrated platform covers various modules in physical access control like door access control, elevator access control, car park control, barrier control, interactive floor plan, online guard-tour, sensor point monitoring, integration with biometric technologies and visitor management.

To date, Entrypass has distributed more than 50,000 control panels over 25 countries worldwide. Entrypass systems has been installed and serving a wide range of companies from small and medium enterprises to high security multi-national companies, financial institutions, government agencies, health care providers, telecommunication companies, universities, colleges and manufacturing plants.

Through the years of experiences and relentless efforts in research and development, Entrypass has developed an in-house design principle to ensure future products offerings can quickily be deployed yet retain the scalability and flexibility within the system.

Entrypass will continue to invest in our R&D resources and adopting the the world best technologies to fulfill the ever demanding requirements portraited by the industrial needs. Products and solutions shall be more symantic towards how it should be operated in the future, we believe the future of security system shall return the TOTAL CONTROL IN YOUR HAND!

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