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Door Access SOYAL

SOYAL Technology was established in 1993 as a renowned manufacturer of access control system and distributed industrial control board and has received the high user reviews and reputation in Taiwan. The most popular and well-known advantage is that most SOYAL hardware products feature “Union body Multi-Demand”.
By providing a wide range of application firmware that can be in-field updated, each SOYAL product can be used in various application fields.

The most unique function of SOYAL control system is that the entire series of products are compatible with an expandable cascade structure. The hardware system can effortlessly add new equipment and scale up the system capacity and Improve system security level without replacing the existing equipment as the needs of the customer growth.

SOYAL management software is entirely developed based on the policy of providing long-term support service. Whether it is “file based system mode” or “database mode”, its operating interface strives to the seamless compatibility of the new and old versions, in which can greatly reduce the learning troubles of administrators and users.

In general, SOYAL’s feature is that both hardware and software, together with mobile APP and WEB management interface, can be compatible with older version of hardware and software system. Not only the software supports long-term service policy, the hardware is also reserved with multiple system expansion interfaces and strict industrial standard components manufacturing. SOYAL products are not only reliable, easy to operate and maintain, but also the best software and hardware platform for integrating various multifarious system.

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