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Since 1750, Siedle has been producing in Furtwangen in the middle of the Black Forest, 900 metres above sea level. This type of tradition places its stamp on the company, the people and the products they manufacture.

Around the middle of the 18th Century, Mathäus Siedle begins a foundry business casting bells for clock manufacturers on his farm in the Black Forest. The following generations continue to operate the foundry, with his great-grandson Salomon adding a second business sector in the form of low voltage technology. In 1887, the company produces its first telephones. Siedle evolves to become one of the pioneers of the German telephony industry.

From the 1930s, the company specializes in the field of in-house and door telephony. Following World War II, its development work in this field leads the company on to countless new and successful achievements. Today, Siedle is the market leader in the field of building communication in Germany and many other European countries.

Siedle has always made it a principle to invest in innovative key technologies ahead of their time. What distinguishes Siedle is its capacity for pioneering achievement and its willingness to break new ground – today just as much as two and a half centuries ago.

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