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Aircon Chemical Wash

This service provides a thorough cleaning to the air conditioning equipment and is only nessasary when the basic general service does not improve the condition.

Scope of work
– Cleaning of Front Panel – Chemical Induction on Evaporator Coils
– Cleaning of Air Filters – Mounted Chemical Rinsing Method
– Cleaning of Evaporator Coils * Unmount Only for Ceiling / Cassette Unit
– Cleaning of Blower Wheel & Fan Blades
– Cleaning of Drain Pan
– Flushing of Unit Drain Pipe
– Checking & Brushing of Condenser
– General Air Conditioning Electrical Components Check
– Major Parts Removal & Act Upon Only Necessary Needs For Its Normal Operation

No. of wall mount fan coils
in a condenser unit
Price per unit
9000-12000 BTU18000-36000 BTU
5 & Above$150$200


No. of ceiling fan coils
in a condenser unit
Price per unit
2 Ft By 2Ft3 Ft By 3Ft
5& Above$380-$520$480-$620

* Applies only to individual residential, non apartments or condos & non commercial property.