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Aircon Overview

Protech Engineering And Services provides a variety of air conditioning services for both residential and commercial sectors.
Protech Engineering And Serviceshighlights the importance of clean and efficient circulation of air flow from aircon in order to provide a healthier and comfortable confined space environment.

Air Con Installation
– Checking & Troubleshooting
General Servicing
–¬†Chemical Wash
–¬†Maintenance Contract

Terms and conditions
– Payment has to be made upon completion of work at site / premises. We accept cash, cheque and bank transfer.
– Payment upfront has to be made upon air conditioning maintenance contract agreement.
Air conditioning maintenance contract is strictly non transferable and non refundable.
Air conditioning maintenance service has to be done on months stated otherwise forfeited.
– All prices quoted are for residential sectors. Please contact us for quotation on commercial sectors.
– All prices may be adjusted depending on work site / premises condition & location.
– All services does not include any replacement parts for any necessary repair works.
– All services will be done only on weekdays during operational hours.
– We do not provide 24hrs breakdown services.
– All cheques should be made payable to Protech Engineering & Services.
– Protech Engineering & Services reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions and pricing without prior notice.

– We regret to inform that the website may not list the latest information and pricing. Please contact us for confirmation on information and charges.