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Autogate Maintenance Contract

Contract services provides advantages of the auto gate equipment in long run. Lifespan of the auto gate equipments are always the important factors. Priority service calls will also be given to contracts.

Scope of work ( May Vary For Different Systems )
– General Functional Check
– Gate Condition & Mechanism Check
– Drive or Gear Operator Check
– General Auto Gate Electrical Components Check
– Oil Level Check
– Major Parts Removal Subjective Only If Deemed Necessary For Its Normal Operation

Quarterly servicing= 4 x general servicing profile
Bi Monthly Servicing= 6 x general servicing profile

Scenario on one general servicing profile

Main Gate – 1 Panel Sliding Gate Non Oil Bath System
Small Gate – 1 Wing Swing Gate Non Oil Bath System

Approx calculation as follows

1 x $220
+1 x $260

Total $480

Quarterly= 4 x $480= $1920 subject to conditions and discounts / rates
Bi Monthly= 6 x $480= $2880 subject to conditions and discounts / rates

* Applies only to individual residential, non apartments or condos & non commercial property.